Shineda SD-208 Telescopic GoPro Selfie Stick Pole for GoPro Hero 2 3 3+ 4, GoPro Hero 4 Session , 36′ (Blue)


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Product Description

If you are choosing a good handy selfie stick or monopod or selfie pole for your camera or camcorder GoPro hero 4, GoPro 3+, GoPro 3, you will probably consider the GoPro pole to be featured as below: 1, Could perfectly with GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4, Hero 4 Session. 2, A lightweight GoPro pole for long time handheld use such as snowboard sport 3, Made of high quality metal such as aluminium alloy so it doesn’t get rusted 4, Must be a perfect extendable stick with easy operation 5, Can be used as a regular monopod for some other cameras or camcorders that come with built-in 1/4” screw thread How to distinguish from so many GoPro poles ? SHINEDA telescopic pole SD-208 is now out there as a perfect solution. SHINEDA GoPro pole SD-208 features advantages as below, thanks to thousands of users took part in our investigation of what should be the best pole for GoPro or other cameras. 1, Orginal size 11 inches; – perfect compact size for storage in the backpack etc. while outdoor sports 2, extended size: 36 inches; – this is the perfect length. Not too long where vibration occurs 3, Lightweight design brings you eaze while having the pole in hand for sports such as skiing etc.. 4, GoPro camera pole twist lock system – very easy to operate. How to Use monopod selfie stick pole & extendable gopro stick pole: Mount your GoPro camera with the housing or frame to the top of the monopod and screw it Twist the sections anti-clockwise to loosen Pull the sections to the length you want Twist the sections clockwise to lock What is included: 1x Pole 1x Screw for GoPro


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