YunTeng 228 Mini Tripod + Phone Holder Clip Desktop Self-Tripod For SLR Camera


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Product Description

Features: Tripod: 1. Portable, lightweight and flexible. 2. Unique mirror design, self-timer and more comfortable. 3. For standard tripod mounting hole (1/4 screw holes ) digital camera. 4. Material rugged, micro-single phone DV machine in the above stability, is not worried. 5. And normal tripod like to have some stability even single micro / card camera, long exposure shooting night problem is not large. 6. Work very well, feel comfortable. Phone holder: 1. Color: Black. 2. Material: Plastic + metals + silica. 3. Tensile width : 5.5-8.5cm. 4. Screw mouth : Universal 1/4 screw port. Phone holder: 1. The bracket is very small and convenient, suitable for (55mm – 85mm) wide use of mobile phones , mobile phone cards free to adjust the bit width , easy to operate. 2. The slot has a padded sides and front , two-tier strengthen sponge clamps to prevent falling love machine forward , effective non-slip. 3. Let your phone can easily take pictures from the phone to shake the self-timer shot becomes steady beat, in the digital sector can also take high -quality photos and images. 4. Applicable phone models : suitable for Apple iPhone series, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, for Sony, LG and other mobile phone (purchase before make sure your phone width in the 55mm-85mm inside). Product shooting mode and use: Traditional camera mode: For Canon/ Nikon/for Sony, Samsung … SLR / Digital Camera (Max weight 0.5kg). Mobile phone mode: For Apple iPhone series, Samsung, for Sony, MOTO, HTC, ZTE, LG, Nokia, HUAWEI, blackberry … Mobile phone. Perfect for the scene: Video diaries / video blogging / camping / weddings / party / the beach / personal photo …. Packing List: 1 x Tripod, 1 x Phone holder, 1 x Retail packaging.(2 Pieces/1 Lot = 1 x Tripod + 1 x Phone holder)


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